Best Hoverboards for Kids – Ultimate 2021 Buyer’s Guide

Each year we see one or two popular products that are destined for the top seller list, like that must-have bike, gaming console or electric scooter, but recently, we’ve seen a new type of product take the industry by storm, and while a little on the pricey side, they offer hours of entertainment, a fun mode of transportation and just a cool way to cruise the neighborhood.

There are many hoverboards (or self-balancing scooters) on the market right now and it can actually be incredibly hard to pick between them, as they all boast similar features and even similar pricing. So how do you pick the best hoverboards for kids without completely breaking the bank? Sometimes a higher price tag can mean extra features or a small design upgrade. We have broken it down to see which models are actually worth it and which ones you can live without.

If you have been living under a rock, then you may not have noticed that these boards have been sweeping the streets lately with both celebrities and non-celebrities alike. Celebs such as Jimmy Fallon and Justin Bieber have been caught riding them, so it comes as no surprise that many fans are dying to get their hands on one of these boards. After all, the power of celeb influence is still very much alive! But the idea of riding a board (that looks like it’s riding nearly 2 inches off the ground), makes you feel and look so much cooler than just walking! Welcome to the 21st century. So what is a hoverboard you ask? Imagine a segway, but remove the balance handle and picture just the base. It takes some time getting used to the technology, but once your balance is set you can ride them around 8-20 miles per hour depending on the model. They are typically a lightweight and intelligent piece of technology that will have you questioning why people even walk anymore. To learn more about the very nature of hoverboards, check out our dedicated article on the topic. If you’re interested in getting an in-depth look at what makes these boards tick, check out our specially chosen top 3 models and their reviews below. First, we will start with a small comparison chart between them.

Comparison Chart

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EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter Hover Self-Balance Board Review

EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter Hover Self-Balance Board Our Rating: [star rating=”5″ numeric=”yes”] Just looking at the EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter you can clearly see it is in a class of its own, metaphorically of course. It is larger, more powerful, sturdier and a lot safer than the other hoverboards on the market. Pro Tip: This beast of a hover board is perfect for the outdoors and can handle much more than the typical self balancing electric scooter. It’s UL 2271 certified which means it’s been tested and retested to ensure safety, the board itself and the LB battery they use to power the board has undergone the same tests as well, that puts our minds at ease. What we love about this hoverboard is it’s amazingly huge 8.5 inch wheels that it’s equipped with, making outdoor trails a lot easier to maneuver through. It also comes with 400W dual motors, which is two times more powerful than other leading competitors in this market. It’s also a whopping 30% larger than other on the market and can travel up to 18-degree slopes. What we love is this technology is also IP56 waterproof certified, which means no worries if you splashing around in ponds! What truly makes this the perfect looking hover board is it has multiple sets of bright lights. There is one set that is fixed to the front of the hover board, making it perfect for night rides so you can always see what is in front of you. There is also another set of lights on the back of the hover board that act as a turning signal for the people/cars/bicycles/etc. behind you. If you don’t like to be constrained to just using the sidewalk when riding outdoors, then this is the hover board for you. The look of this self balancing electric scooter is completely out of this world, especially considering all the other hover boards on the market look painfully similar to one another. This board has no problem riding through mud, or rain puddles and even grass (to some extent). The quality of the performance on this hoverboard for kids is unmistakable. If you are looking for a quality hover board made with durable parts that is both safe and tough when it needs to be, we have found the one right for you. [su_row class=””] [su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=””][su_button url=”” target=”self” style=”default” background=”#56a354″ color=”#FFFFFF” size=”5″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”0″ text_shadow=”none” desc=””]Read EPIKGO Review[/su_button][/su_column] [su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=””][su_button url=”” target=”_blank” style=”default” background=”#56a354″ color=”#FFFFFF” size=”5″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”0″ text_shadow=”none” desc=””]View Price[/su_button][/su_column] [/su_row]

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Smart Scooter Review

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Smart ScooterOur Rating: [star rating=”4.5″ numeric=”yes”] Pro Tip: Razor, a well known company (of over 16 years) better known as the makers of Razor Scooters, have produced one of the most highest selling hover boards on the market. Razor has dominated the scooter market for years and that is thanks to their high quality materials and manufacturing processes as well as standing out in the test of time. Recently there have been many issues going on in the hover board industry. The Hovertrax 2.0 by Razor is one of very few hover board companies out there that is UL (Underwriters Lab) 2272 certified. What does this mean exactly? It means the product was run through a long line of tests and has passed the incredibly strict safety standards. Because the Razor brand has been in business for quite some time now, we aren’t surprised when they’d gone above and beyond to ensure safety was embedded in the lining of this board. Only a few hover board brands go this far to ensure safety- we’re glad a brand so well known has their priorities straight! Because the Razor brand has been in business for quite some time now, we aren’t surprised when they’d gone above and beyond to ensure safety was embedded in the lining of this board. Only a few hover board brands go this far to ensure safety- we’re glad a brand so well known has their priorities straight! This hoverboard for kids has been named the world’s smartest hoverboard, by the brand name themselves. And while this is a wild claim, we’ve got great facts to back up this statement. We do LOVE the safety vibration feature, which essentially means it will start to vibrate if you’ve stepped on it incorrectly or you are going down a hill too steep for it to handle. It also features LED lights at the front of the electric scooter which are always a welcomed feature. Basically it means, get off and try again before you hurt yourself! Talk about a smart, high-tech, piece of equipment. Unfortunately, many reviewers thought this feature meant the board was “shaking” and thought it was a malfunction in the board, this is not the case! Many accidents occur because of poor balance, this is something the Razor brand is trying to adjust, another point for safety! In summary, this may not be the fastest board on the market, however it’s a great and safe buy for kids! [su_row class=””] [su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=””][su_button url=”” target=”self” style=”default” background=”#56a354″ color=”#FFFFFF” size=”5″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”0″ text_shadow=”none” desc=””]Read Razor Hovertrax Review[/su_button][/su_column] [su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=””][su_button url=”″ target=”_blank” style=”default” background=”#56a354″ color=”#FFFFFF” size=”5″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”0″ text_shadow=”none” desc=””]View Price[/su_button][/su_column] [/su_row]

SWAGTRON T1 Electric Self-Balancing Scooter

swagtron t1 scooter Our Rating: [star rating=”4″ numeric=”yes”] Pro Tip: The Swagtron T1 uses the Sentry Shield battery, which is a Lithium-Ion battery, which is mad with high quality materials, just by using this sort of battery, makes this hoverboard a little bit safer than others on the market currently. And to add a cherry on top, the Swagway brand has encased that same battery in an aluminum casing that basically ensures the safety of the person using the board and everyone one and everything around them. Meaning, even if the battery gets over charged or it fails in any way, it will not catch fire. This is an amazing feature and provides consumers the peace of mind they so desperately need in a market that is so prone to failed batteries that, catch fire, a ridiculous safety hazard! Swagtron T1 has some of the best responsiveness we have ever tested. The turning and top speed makes it feel like you are riding pure quality piece of technology, and it is- it rides like a dream! In order to actually hurt this hover board would be an actual talent. It is built like a race horse. The ABS casing is one of the most durable we’ve ever seen and tested, made with high quality material- making it nearly impossible to hurt. This board also boosts a Safe Stop technology that essentially keeps you safe when the battery dies unexpectedly, you find yourself abruptly stopping and falling off, which happens more often than not. We cannot recommend the Swagway’s Swagtron T1 enough! The safety aspect of this hoverboard for kids truly makes it a top contender in our books. Swagway has created a hover board that is made so well, this is how all other hover boards should model after.  It is extraordinarily durable and looks sleek and modern. Just be sure to keep the ride away from large bumps that could potentially scratch the underside of the board and damage it. In summary, it’s a great board at a great price and is very safe and well-produced. We love this company and we cannot wait to see what other models they will launch soon as well! [su_row class=””] [su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=””][su_button url=”” target=”self” style=”default” background=”#56a354″ color=”#FFFFFF” size=”5″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”0″ text_shadow=”none” desc=””]Read SWAGTRON T1 Review[/su_button][/su_column] [su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=””][su_button url=”″ target=”_blank” style=”default” background=”#56a354″ color=”#FFFFFF” size=”5″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”0″ text_shadow=”none” desc=””]View Price[/su_button][/su_column] [/su_row]

Hoverboards Buying Guide

Self Balancing Scooter First off, you should learn a few things about these boards before making a final decision regarding which style or model is right for you. Quick Tip: To start, these babies run on batteries, meaning there is no need to fill up a gas tank. Simply plug your board into its charger and you will have a hoverboard that will take you anywhere you want to go. In the past, older models had issues with the batteries failing to keep a charge. Consumers noticed that over a period of two or three months, the scooter’s average mileage capability was cut by almost half. But that wasn’t the main problem. In the past, these batteries had a reputation for exploding, causing the scooters to catch on fire once the batteries become overcharged. Fortunately, manufacturers came up with a solution.  Brands have taken the initiative and are now producing UL certified models which have been tested and retested many times to ensure no battery will ever end up in flames again.

The Basics of Riding a Hoverboard

Aside from mileage capabilities, you’re probably wondering how easy or difficult these boards truly are to ride. It seems simple when you watch someone on a hoverboard, but there is a slight learning curve in the beginning. You’ll need to learn how to balance properly, no one gets it on the first try. When you stand on it, you’ll simply lean forward when you want to accelerate and lean backward if you want to slow down or are getting ready to stop. If you want to turn right, simply apply a bit more pressure on your right pedal and if you want to go left, repeat this step but with your left pedal. Sounds easy right? We love how lightweight these hoverboards typically are, which makes it easy to stop and pick them up and carry them around without any problem. Before you head out and during use, you’ll need to keep a close eye on the battery level every, which can vary depending on terrain type and even wind resistance. These boards are incredibly eco-friendly and are perfect for urban living. Sick of taking the bus to go a few miles away? Take your hoverboard. We’ve taken the liberty of reviewing some of the top hoverboards on the market, narrowing it down to the top three models. We’ve kept the basics the same, meaning, they’re all UL 2272 certified. What does that mean exactly? It means that each board has undergone testing to ensure that they are 100% safe and will NOT catch fire, each platform is stable, and the battery will not weaken over time. With the popularity of these hoverboards continuing to rise, manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to create and produce more affordable options that offer the same type of quality, speed, and precision that the higher priced models do, just without all the bells and whistles. Instead, you’ll enjoy a board that can easily fly over the pavement, at moderate speeds, reliably. So how can you easily narrow down your choices, weeding out the good from the bad, and the reliable from the undependable? To help you make the best decision possible, we’ve compiled feedback from consumers and written in-depth reviews of our top contenders, in hopes that this information will help you find the model that best fits your needs.

Are Hoverboards Kid Friendly?

This is a common question most parents have, especially considering a hoverboard is probably at the top of any kid’s wish list. But this will vary from child to child. If you’re buying a board for a younger child, let’s say under nine years or under, check out models that have a detachable handle. Or search for a model that has a lower max speed, around five miles per hour. Models that are equipped with larger tires will also be much easier to maneuver. Be sure to take a look at the manufacturer’s recommended age, which is usually around ten and up. Even when a child is at the recommended age, we still advise total supervision during use. Fixing most models isn’t that hard either, so if your kids break something it won’t be that much of a hassle to repair. Getting the one of the best hoverboards for your kids won’t be an easy task but when you take all the things we listed into consideration it shouldn’t be that hard either. If you find yourself lost in the endless sea of new models, you can always choose one of our top 3 models. We chose them because of their quality, user friendliness and overall durability. At the end of the day a hoverboard must be two things: durable and fun to ride! [/su_box]  

Best Hoverboard for kids reviewHoverboards have been around for quite a while now, and still, the best hoverboard for kids is the most common question that people ask. Hoverboards are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Most of the credit goes to the kids.

7As most of the kids are interested in getting one of the hoverboards. Nowadays, adults are also going on the bandwagon and getting these hoverboards and using them to reach their offices. In this day and age, hoverboards less than 200 dollars are available in the market, which further increases their overall appeal.

Hoverboards are basically skateboards with the difference being there are motors present inside the hoverboards. The motors are pretty powerful, so the hoverboards can go quite fast. As there are motors that work electrically, there must be a power source. There are batteries present under the hoverboard which provide power to the board. The best hoverboard for kids is probably the Swagtron t3. It has a unique design as it is not flashy at all. The whole design of the hoverboard is very simple but elegant. Swagtron has made sure to make this hoverboard their best one yet. The Swagtron also has LED headlights, which kids will prefer because if they are riding at night, they will be easily able to see the road, and it can help them in avoiding some serious accidents. Read more about Swagtron T1 VS T5.

Best Hoverboard for Kids 2021 – Comparison Table

Black Friday deals and coupon on the hoverboards is coming at the end of this month. So be ready and make a list of the products that you want to buy with the discounts. [amazon bestseller=”Hoverboard” items=”10″ template=”table”]

Kids also like to go fast, and the t3 will fulfill their wish. The t3 comes with a powerful motor that is able to go 8mph. Considering hoverboards, this is pretty fast. If a kid wants to buy a hoverboard that is fast, then this is the hoverboard to get. Safety is another thing that is of extreme importance when dealing with kids. Swagtron has made sure to get all of the safety certification necessary for the t3.

Self-balancing technology is also present in the t3. This is the best thing that kids can hope for. If you are new to hoverboards, then this will allow you to maintain your balance on the hoverboard so that you don’t fall. This makes the t3 one of the best hoverboards for beginners. If you search anywhere online for the best hoverboards for kids 2020, then the t3 will surely be present there at the top position.

For kids, this is the perfect board as it has all of the features that a kid might want in a hoverboard. The t3 also comes with a Bluetooth speaker embedded into the body of the board. It means that listening to your favorite music is now possible with the help of the t3. You can wirelessly connect your mobile phone to the speaker and listen to songs.

This can be very beneficial for kids, as they can use this for their study also. When going to school on a hoverboard, they can play the lecture on the hoverboard, which will definitely help them in learning. You can also listen to books while driving a hoverboard. All of these things are not possible when you are riding on a bicycle. The Swagtron t3 is the best budget hoverboard for kids.

10 Best Hoverboard for Kids

Below is an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the Top 10 best hoverboard for kids available in the market, along with the tips and recommendations you should consider to choose the right one.

1) Hover-1 Helix Electric Hoverboard Scooter Galaxy

[amazon box=”B07RTDDHWV”]The Electric Hoverboard scooter from Hover-1 comes in a galaxy themed design that has an attractive yet unique aspect to it. There are LED lights on the front and back, backed up by the LED lights on the wheels. This Hoverboard comes with Bluetooth speakers that are IPX4 Water-resistant and has wireless connectivity. On the safety side, there is UL2272 certification for safety measures in Hoverboard. Also, some other certifications like the IN 38.3 test, MSDS UL certified power cord to ensure it is the safest Hoverboard on the market.

  • Built-in Speaker Max Distance 3Miles Motor Power is good
  • Take 6 Hours to charge

2) Hover-1 Drive Hoverboard For Kids

[amazon box=”B084VVX93M”]The Hover-1 Drive comes in an all-black matte finish that is very decent to look at. There are two lights on the hoverboard front, which are very bright in low light conditions. There are none on the wheel, so a bit of a visibility issue in a public place. It has a much-balanced speed, 7mph to provide safety measures, and a battery power indicator, which lets you see how much battery is left—anyone under 160 lbs. weight can easily ride this scooter, making it an ideal hoverboard for kids. There is also a UL certification for safety.

  • None.

3) Lieagle Hoverboard 6.5 inches

[amazon box=”B07FYBD6LP”]Lieagle hoverboard is made in such a way that there are many LED lights to look at, making it visible in low light conditions and standing out even in crowded places. There are Colorful LED lights on the wheels while two flashlights on the front providing ease of use in the dark areas where there is less light. Therefore, this Hoverboard is much stable and easy to control or use, allowing you to do a 360-degree rotation. For the safety measures, there is UL2272 certification while also comes with non-slip pedals that last a long time. At the least, there is Wireless connectivity provided too in this Hoverboard.

  • Easy to use Easy to maintain balance Hoverboard has passed UL2272 certification
  • No Bluetooth option.

4) Hoverstar HS 2.0v Hoverboard

[amazon box=”B083GCG535″]This is an elegant matte looking Hoverboard that has amazing LED colorful lights provided on the wheels that increase the visibility amount of this Hoverboard. So that you can comfortably ride in the crowded area and also in the low light conditions. There are two heavy powered LED lights on the front, which act as flashlights to ensure the front of the rider is visible even in dark areas. There is safety certification for the batter and the materials which are backed up by the UL2272 certification. The colorful design and the features make it best for the kids and the teenagers due to its safety measures and light combinations to know batter.

  • Made with Durable Material Led lights make it attractive and Cool
  • None

5) Veveline Hoverboard for Kids 6.5 inches

[amazon box=”B07JWD5BDS”]This here is a very smooth riding hoverboard that is very easy to use and well off for the beginners who are leaning the hoverboards. There is also a matte finish on the body, while two flashlights are provided on the front. LED colorful lights are on the wheels, which increase the visibility on the Hoverboard while providing more vision in the low light conditions or dark areas. The size is also the most balanced one, which is 6.5 inches and has safety measures provided. The proof of these safety measures is UL2272 certification, which ensures that this Hoverboard is safe to use.

  • Special Design LED headlights 3 Months warranty it easier and safer for amateurs and beginners
  • Without Bluetooth Speakers

6) Flying-Ant Hoverboard 6.5 inches

[amazon box=”B07JNRJQHJ”]This Hoverboard is precisely like the Veveline Hoverboard with the exception that it provided a bit more clearance from the surface. The Flying-Ant Hoverboard review comes with unique Colorful LED lights on the wheels, increasing environmental visibility and attracting the people. There are two flashlights that provide you with front visibility in low light conditions. On the safety side, there is a UL2272 certification to ensure this Hoverboard is very safe to use. That is why the kids, teenagers, and even the adults can use this Hoverboard safely. There is also wireless connectivity provided in this Hoverboard for entertainment purposes.

  • Safety Guarantee: UL 2272 certified easy to learn and maintain balance let you master the art of balancing Futuristic LED accent lighting on wheels
  • None

7) Unisun 6.5 inches Bluetooth Hoverboard for kids

[amazon box=”B07H9R1492″]This here is a very sturdy and durable hoverboard that comes in all black design with some fantastic pedals for anti-slip movement. Being a very secure hoverboard, there are LED colorful lights on the wheel side to ensure the environment is visible in the low light conditions, and the public knows that a hoverboard is nearby. Backed up by the two flashlights on the front, you can easily see upcoming and ingoing stuff when riding this Hoverboard in dark areas. There is also UL2272 certification for safety purposes, and last, but not least, there is Wireless connectivity coming with some sensors like gyroscope, body balance, etc. The speed is also 9 miles per hour and has 264 lbs. Weight limit Hoverboard Guide 

  • Unique Design LED front light, strong shell, and sturdy structure Electrical Safety
  • Limited Colors

8) TOMOLOO Hoverboard with Bluetooth

[amazon box=”B078H1YQPG”]If you plan to travel a long distance with TOMOLOO Hoverboard you can do it, because your battery can be removed and adapted to an additional one, which is offered in the package as an option, which will make you move with the certainty that you will not run out of charge.

The design of the lights will make it possible to see you in transit, especially at night, or in areas where lighting is poor because the LED lights allow you to distinguish anywhere. It is possible to operate it with remote control, which allows the hoverboard to move forward, stop, apply greater speed, or make changes in the different gears it has and everything with optimal results.

It is backed by a 12-month warranty, which applies to the battery, the remote control, and the wheel motor that works with bushings.

On the other hand, the battery charger is guaranteed for 6 months from the time of purchase. In addition, careful attention to the client is offered to solve any question. With one of the most innovative technologies, this scooter provides great ease to people who are fans of sports.

Likewise, it can be used by beginners without any experience and even the smallest. It is very functional to move to the workplace, to develop a specific sport activity or, simply, to have a fun and full of emotions, with the possibility of moving to wherever you want without setbacks.

It has three-speed levels for better travel, the initial range provides 10 km / h, with an average category that can take you to a speed of 18 km / h and the highest, which achieves 28 km / h for the most professionals. The engine has a power of 250 W DC, with a system that has no brushes and is magnetic. Each rubber measures 6 inches and is made with a solid material, to avoid wear. It supports a weight of up to 265 pounds, in its dimensions of 22 cm high, with a width of 32 cm and 96 cm in length. The hoverboard has a weight of 10.6 kg, being quite light and easy to carry.

  • Long lasting High speed 3 march levels Lightweight Warranty for 1 year
  • Can present complications to handle the changes When reaching higher speed could cause accidents

9)EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter/ Hoverboard Review

[amazon box=”B01IAPMKYU”]This model of the scooter has one of the most advanced battery designs that have been released to the market. It has the endorsement of more than 159 checks carried out successfully, so this LG battery is smart and is certified by UL 2271.

With this validation, the risk of fires and other possible accidents is avoided. It has two engines that give it more power because each one is 400 W. With this powerful tool Epikgo Hoverboard reviews are able to overcome the most uneven terrain.

Thanks to the power of these motors have the strength to climb climbs of about 18 degrees of inclination. The functional autonomy is quite broad, achieving a little more than 60 minutes using a speed of 10 mph or 16 km / h, without the need to recharge it.

This condition gives you the maximum guarantee of operation. In addition, it is complemented with rubbers designed for irregular surfaces, which are made of solid material. They have firmness in the water, backed by the IP56 Protection Index.

In this way, it is very safe to drive in sandy places, full of mud and other difficult surfaces. Its size with greater volume provides double power, for having 30% more room to place the feet, which makes the user more comfortable and confident.

The sophisticated LG battery can be charged in a record time of 2 hours. For other reasons, this platform stands out among the others, because it focuses on the security details and finds a solution for each one, with this being one of the most outstanding currently.

With regard to this aspect, EPIKGO guarantees the safety of this equipment so that electrical or other problems do not occur. The design of its structure is quite strong and durable so that the user can travel through any muddy terrain, inclined, full of weeds, and come out graceful.

It is characterized by being one of the largest in the market, which moves at a great speed and has the best conditions of use. The rubbers feature an alloy design and measure 8.5 inches. The EPIKGO is made up of a combination made of aluminum, which protects the piece and gives it a lot of resistance to external factors. You can even submerge a little in water and pass the test without problems, with the IP56.

It weighs 14 kilos or 31 pounds and measures 27.5 inches long, 8.7 inches wide and 9.1 inches high. Its functional model provides the greatest stability and extends the horizon of the users, making use of a very innovative all-terrain technology.

  • Intelligent LG battery for fast charging Access difficult terrain Seat in the water Motor more powerful
  • Great size for kids

10) XPRIT Self Balancing Scooters/Hoverboard Review

[amazon box=”B07DLK73BZ”]Without a doubt, it represents the perfect gift for people of all ages. The XPRIT scooter is equipped with accessories that make it more versatile. It has a Bluetooth speaker system, which is integrated into the computer and is compatible with Android and IOS.

The battery takes between 1 and 2 hours to complete the total charge and lasts from 1 to 1.5 hours. This scooter is capable of conquering inclined planes that have up to 15 degrees. Its weight is 15 pounds or 6.8 kilos, which makes it the lightest in the market and practical to take it everywhere. It comes in black, yellow, blue, and gold, with the advantage that all models have the same Bluetooth connection characteristics. The rubbers measure 6.5 inches and are very resistant to difficult surfaces.

It presents a system of LED lights quite powerful in the front area, on the top of the wheels, and throughout the center of the rubber, with which the driver will be spotted from any distance and in any position.

Another of the favorable points of XPRIT is that it has the UL 2272 certification, this gives greater security to users since they are certain that its effectiveness and the possible risk of explosion or fire in the batteries have been proven.

  • Lightweight Simple to control Bluetooth Up to 15 degrees inclinations Various colors Long duration battery Short loading time
  • Despite having a long battery life, it is downloaded in just over an hour No warranty