How to Choose the Best Hoverboard

Hoverboards have been all the rage since their 2014 arrival on the market. Since then, they’ve upgraded models with all kinds of safety improvements and added accessories.

Hoverboards can lend your family hours of entertainment, or provide you with an alternative commuting option. They’re fun for kids, teens, and adults.

With so many hoverboard options, it may be hard to choose one. There are tons of aspects to consider when buying a hoverboard. 

The best hoverboard for you depends on the age, size, and intentions of the user. How can you tell which hoverboard is right for you?

Keep reading and we’ll tell you how to pick out the best hoverboard for your needs.

Weight Limit

Choosing the right weight limit is crucial to getting the best hoverboard brand experience. A high-end hoverboard can’t work to its full potential if the user is over the weight limit.

The best hoverboard for kids could be the worst hoverboard for some teens and adults, with most weight limits maxing out around 150 pounds. Be sure to buy a hoverboard that is made to handle the weight of its intended user.


Speed varies greatly across hoverboard brands. Some hoverboards can max out at 12 miles per hour.

This can work great for an adrenaline junkie or an experienced user, but not your younger niece. You may want to find a slower max speed if you’re buying for a kid.

Consider the skill of the intended user and be sure to pick a hoverboard speed that matches that skill level.


You’re likely aware of the most popular hoverboard style, with two wheels on the outside of either footpad. Are you aware of the other cool styles of hoverboards?

An alternative to the normal hoverboard is one with knee controls. This makes it easier to control the hoverboard and is great for kids or long commutes.

Some hoverboards only have one wheel. These are for teenaged riders and older, as they can be faster and a little more challenging to ride.

The style you choose will depend on who you intend to ride the hoverboard. Keep the different styles and their skill levels in mind when buying.

Best Hoverboard Accessories

Hoverboards have changed and upgraded in the past few years. You can find hoverboards with Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, and compatible smartphone apps.

Playing music from your hoverboard doesn’t have to be expensive. If you’re looking for the best hoverboard under 200 dollars with Bluetooth and speakers, you’re sure to find a few options. 

Most hoverboards come with LED lights; it’s up to the user to choose the color and style of the lights on the hoverboard.

Another cool hoverboard accessory is a compatible smartphone app. It syncs with the hoverboard to track speed, battery life, and to create virtual routes to ride on.

The options are out there, it’s up to you to choose which ones you want your hoverboard to have.

Hover On!

Now you know what to look for when you want to buy the best hoverboard. All that’s left to do is buy one that fits all of your needs. 


Best Hoverboard Buyer’s Guide

To choose a skateboard design for the enjoyment of kids, there are several aspects to review such as the speed that develops and the distance that can travel. It is suggested that it be fast charging and that the battery lasts long enough. In addition, you have to select one that is light and easy to carry.

Evergrow hoverboard reviews have become very positive nowadays. Choosing good hoverboard can be quite difficult sometimes. It is necessary for a hoverboard to have three things: [custom_list icon=”arrow-right” iconcolor=”#70d628″]

  • Good Performance
  • Long Range
  • Lots of Features

[/custom_list] A good hoverboard is the one that comes with all of these things. If the company has fitted powerful dual motors, it means that the hoverboard will be able to move quite fast, and the ride will be more enjoyable. Some of the popular hoverboards have dual motors, which further increase the speed of a typical hoverboard.

A long-range is necessary for a hoverboard as kids don’t want their hoverboards to run out of juice while they are driving on the road. It can be quite dangerous for them. Some of the newer hoverboards have lots of features in them, and they really appeal to the kids. Best hoverboard for kids reviews are present online, and you can see that most of the parents don’t regret buying their children a hoverboard.


Hoverboards are not just toys for kids, but they have their fair share of advantages. Hoverboards can be used by teenagers and adults if they prefer to ride on them. One of the biggest advantages of hoverboards is the ease of use. If you take an example of a car, you have to take it out of your garage then out on the street, and you have to worry about gas too. When you have a hoverboard, you just simply put it on the ground, and you are good to go. Safer to Ride: A hoverboard is a very safe ride. Due to all of the technological advancements made in recent years, hoverboards have become very safe to ride. Most of the companies are putting self-balancing technology into their hoverboards, which makes it nearly impossible to fall off the hoverboard by accident. It is because the board constantly adjusts itself so that the rider doesn’t lose the balance. Health Benefits: You might think that how can ride a hoverboard be healthy? But indeed, riding a hoverboard basically means that you are exercising. You can also burn your calories when you are riding on a hoverboard. One of the other health advantages is that you are able to maintain your proper posture. While riding bikes, you can put a lot of stress on your lower backs while hoverboards prevent this problem from arising. Enhanced Reflexes: One of the other advantages of riding a hoverboard is that a kid’s reflexes can get faster. He has to constantly adjust himself on the hoverboard, which improves his overall reflexes, and he is able to think much faster too. You are able to focus much better when riding hoverboards because you can’t lose your concentration when on a hoverboard. Eco-Friendly: One of the biggest advantages of buying a hoverboard is that it is eco-friendly. Unlike a car, there is no smoke coming out of a hoverboard; it is totally electrically powered. Riding a hoverboard also means that you are protecting your environment.


These aspects are very varied since they depend on each manufacturer’s design. In general, a hoverboard can move with a weight that goes from 30 kilos, even less in small kids, and up to 120 kilos of an adult person.

The particularities of the battery are extremely important because if they do not have a charge, it is not worth having a powerful motor. It is advisable to check that the battery has the full charge, to obtain a journey of up to 45 km, depending on the difficulties of the terrain and the weight of the user.

The time it takes the battery to charge is essential for use, there are designs that require about 6 hours to be ready, because they are models that cover a greater distance and have accessories such as Bluetooth, speakers, etc.

The ideal would be a battery that takes between 1 or 2 hours to recharge, as the waiting time is very uncomfortable, especially for 10 years old kids who want to have fun without stopping. There are models that come with a double battery, an excellent option to not stop and reach longer routes.

They are manufactured to reach speeds of 9 km / h, ideal for kids, or those who want to enjoy a quiet ride and up to 18 km / h. There are more sophisticated models that can reach 28 km / h, they must be used by professionals. Easy to use

The method to make a scooter slide is quite simple, even if it does not look like it. Simply, position yourself on the platform and slightly tilt the body where you want to go, forward, or backward. To make the turns you have to balance the weight of the legs, leaning in the direction you want to turn and with a little practice, you will achieve it.

However, there are certain buyers who have not had a good experience and in the end, they have been left wanting to try a scooter. In spite of everything, the situation has been solved and the fault has been solved, satisfactorily. You can find some that are really cheap, but as we all know that cheap is always expensive it is better to make a good expense and get a skateboard that is durable and safe for everyone. The most common models are obtained from a little more than $ 100 and can reach up to $ 300. Those who want a more professional experience and have a skateboard that can access complicated terrain, which gives them greater autonomy of use or has a battery with a higher load can find models between $400 and $600.

The decision to buy a more or less expensive one will depend on the taste and the demands of the user, as well as on his budget. Of course, the more expensive ones come with better conditions of use and give greater advantages.

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

  • What is the best brand for Hoverboard?

Generally, Hoverstar is known as the best brand for Hoverboards when it comes to beginners. But the Hover-1 is also considered best in terms of Hoverboard.

  • What should I look for when buying a Hoverboard?

The primary thing is the timing and quality of the battery that should be looked upon. Then there is UL2272 certification, speed, range, capacity for weight, and build quality that should be looked upon as well.

  • Should I buy my 10-year-old kid a hoverboard?

Well, hoverboards are not only for fun or entertainment, but they are also the best means for traveling as well. So, when they have a hoverboard, they can ride it with you for 10 miles without even getting tired.

  • Are Hoverboards safe for 8-year olds?

To be honest, the age of about one to seven is considered the one in which the Hoverboards are too strong to be given to children. That is why, when talking about the 8-year-old, getting a kids hoverboard can be a safe choice.

  • Are Hoverboards a waste of money?

The answer from the internet would be Yes; they are worth buying because they are enjoyable to use and are very much refreshing while also being an entertaining way to travel.

  • What is a good price for a Hoverboard?

It totally depends on the choice you are opting for. If you are a beginner, then under 200 dollars is the price point you should go for. If you are looking for something professional and expert wise higher, then beyond 200 dollars is the way to go.


Those who present changes in gait are ideal when you have people of different ages in the group. Follow this guide to know which is the best hoverboard and you will surely get the most suitable for your needs, to start moving as a professional and avoid the hassles of heavy traffic, arriving more quickly to the places you want or exploring paths new in the area where you live. Related Guides:

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