EPIKGO Hoverboard Review (2022)

The EPIKGO all-terrain self-balancing scooter is a model that will have you hitting that buy now button before you’ve finished reading the specs. The scooter’s solid construction offers plenty of durability and easier handling. The dual motors are designed to easily navigate a wide range of terrain types, placing this model in a category all its own.

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EPIKGO HoverboardEPIKGO Hoverboard Review (2022)

EPIKGO Specs and Standout Features

The hoverboard’s motors allow it to climb steep hills and streets like a champ. The 400w motor on both the wheels is about eighty percent more powerful compared to competing models.  Unlike other self-balancing scooters, the tires of this EPIKGO are made from solid rubber, which is another reason why it’s classified as a certified all-terrain model.

What we love about this self-balancing electric scooter are its impressively large 8.5-inch wheels that make tougher terrain much easier to handle. It’s also IP56 waterproof certified, which means a rainy day won’t prevent you from enjoying an outdoor adventure on your new hoverboard.

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Safety First

Not only is this board UL2272 certified safe, but it’s also IP54 certified! This means the hoverboard has undergone military grade testing and has been named semi-submersible and water resistant. As we mentioned, the board’s power is at an incredible 400 watts, which basically means it’s got twice the power of the average hoverboard.

This self-balancing electric scooter is also faster than most as it can work up to top speeds as fast as 10 MPH, and the average board can only reach 8 MPH.

The Looks

We have to say that we are completely obsessed with the look of this hoverboard. From the colors to the wheels to the pedals, everything just comes together to form this sexy piece of bulky technology that has remarkable durability and high performance as well. With its ability to fully charge in as little as one hour, this model is one of the fastest and most powerful on the market.

While the board features just an eighteen-degree climbing ability, you’ll be able to easily go over low curbs at a faster speed, which simply isn’t possible with smaller models.


The steel wheel covers provide excellent protection from damage, as does the ABS base cover, which is what makes this board much sturdier than competing models.

The LEDs

The LED lighting is perfect for low-light conditions and allows you to ride at night while remaining highly visible to oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

Motor Power

Boasting dual 400w dual-motor, this electric scooter is tough enough to cruise at top speeds up to ten miles per hour for over an hour with a single charge. On most models, the motors are placed in the wheels, but this EPIKGO scooter features motors that are actually placed inside the board instead. This results in more space on the board and increased stability.

Pro Tip: What truly makes this a slick looking hoverboard is the multiple sets of bright lights. There is one set that is fixed to the front of the board, making it perfect for night rides so you can always see what is in front of you. There is also another set of lights on the back of the board that acts as a turning signal that will alert the pedestrians/cars/bicycles behind you. This self-balancing electric scooter also has an extensive one-year product warranty for all parts and labor.

Epikgo Hoverboard Pros and Cons


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  • The board can handle most types of terrain including grass, sand, mud, and gravel. When you compare this scooter to competing models, the EPIKGO scores higher in all areas, from the powerful 400w dual-motor to the UL certified battery.
  • It’s larger and more powerful, ensuring more space, a better ride and more control over the board with challenging terrain. While new to the scene, this board has definitely excelled from the beginning.
  • With the ability to cruise on any type of terrain at around ten miles per hour, we felt that it had more to offer consumers who were looking for a more versatile model.
  • If you don’t want to be limited to just using the sidewalk when riding around, then this is the hoverboard for you. The look of this self-balancing scooter is completely out of this world, especially considering all the other models on the market look painfully similar to one another.
  • This board has no problem riding through mud, or rain puddles and even grass (to some extent). If you are looking for a quality hoverboard made with durable parts that are both safe and tough when it needs to be, this is the most durable model on the market and just might be the board you have been looking for.
  • Easy and smooth traveling
  • Large enough to create balance easily
  • Great speed with great power
  • Water-proof and fire-proof product
  • Comes with LED lights and a Bluetooth connection
  • Great tires quality



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  • The size of the wheels will place the rider’s center of gravity at a higher level, which can negatively impact stability. Weighing in at thirty pounds, this is one board you don’t want to be stranded with in the event it runs out of a charge while you’re out. Because it’s so heavy, it may not be the best choice for younger children.
  • One downside to the battery is that there is no power level indicator to alert you to the battery power level.  This could pose a huge problem if you assume you have a full battery when in reality you’ve got a battery that’s holding on to its last few moments of juice.
  • If you’re searching for a hoverboard that’s more little kid friendly, take a look at the Swagtron T1, which features a learning mode and low top speed.
  • Large in size that is why hard to carry around
  • Doesn’t contain Bluetooth speakers inside
  • Heavy enough and not suitable for children to use.

Specifications and Features:

Epikgo is a trustworthy company located in the US in America. Epikgo hoverboard has proved the company loyalty to its customers as the Epikgo hoverboard is one of the best safe traveling devices at cheap price. It is made from high-quality material to bear wear and tear in the long-range. Epikgo hoverboard is durable to work for a long time scale. It can cross all king of paths and roads without any damage or fear. Epikgo hoverboard price is indeed a good deal with such bold specifications!

Epikgo hoverboard has smart features to create entertainment during traveling. Here we will discuss its features one by one.

The key features are the main concern of a customer during buying anything. Similarly, buying a hoverboard with a lot of options and brands available is a difficult task. Customers look for each and everything during making a purchase like power, battery timing, safety, and capacity of riding, etc. Epikgo hoverboard’s main feature is its capacity and eligibility to move and cross all kinds of surfaces. Every hoverboard is not able to cover each kind of surface. But they are made so to cover a specific kind of surface, otherwise, it might get damaged.

Epikgo hoverboard is featured to cross all kinds of surfaces, i.e. .smooth surfaces, off the road, terrains, etc. Being capable to cross smooth roads it also has the capacity to move smoothly, without causing damage, from rough surfaces, as well. Let’s see more specifications in detail. Epikgo hoverboard is made with waterproof material to make it ride in all environments.

This feature attracts most of the riders to ride from moist and damped areas without any disaster. Due to this feature, it is available to use in rainy weather as well. This Epikgo hoverboard is the best choice to move around for a long time with great speed. With the speed of 10mph and power of 400W with dual motors ( total power of 800W), it is successful to provide a comfortable ride.It is so smooth to cover the steeped and curved areas with 18 degrees bending without any trouble.

The motherboard of the Epikgo hoverboard is large in size. The motherboard quality is contributing to providing fast speed and ensuring the comfortable ride, even in watery areas. The Epikgo hoverboard is certified with UL 2272 certificate that is the safety certificate for the hoverboard. The Epikgo hoverboard manual consists of an LG battery with UL 2271 certificate that is smart enough to provide the required power for smooth and trouble-free riding. The battery takes about 2 to 3 hours to get fully charged. It has been declared as safe hoverboards from fire and sparks, after passing about 159 tests in a row.

Epikgo hoverboard or self-balancing scooter is powerful and durable than the other scooters in the market due to the quality of service they are providing to their customers. Epikgo hoverboard is the holder of the IP56 waterproof certificate. You can choose it to ride on the surface of your will i.e. either a road, a water land, a grass, or a rocky surface. It will pass smoothly and without causing any loss or damage.

Epikgo hoverboard ensures great balance and you can travel fearlessly up to your choice. Epikgo hoverboard tires are the other incredible feature of the Epikgo hoverboards. It has great gripping quality with a big size. Due to the size and quality, you can get a guaranteed smooth ride. The alloy wheel inside the tire is strong and sturdy enough to bear large weight.

The casing of Epikgo hoverboard is made of ABS material to ensure strength in the material and eliminating the fear of breakdown. Epikgo hoverboard Bluetooth enables you to listen to music while riding. The LED lights of the Epikgo hoverboard attract most of the buyers to make fun during their ride. Epikgo hoverboard amazon is the way of purchasing a quality product with less effort. You can follow the following link to buy it easily.


  • Primarily self-balancing scooters are used to provide a person with a self-traveling device or machine. This will give a benefit to go to the place as a person wants.
  • Epikgo hoverboards are ensuring the safety and the smooth ride with a comfortable and stable grip to the feet. This is due to the large foot space that helps to balance a person’s body easily.
  • Epikgo hoverboard is suitable to use because they are Fire-proof, water-proof, durable, comfortable, and safe to travel a long-distance and a short distance as well.

Overall, the EPIKGO self-balancing scooter offers the best in terms of price and features. If you’re looking for a scooter that can allow you to ride where no other hoverboard can, in any type of weather, at higher speeds and with a longer charge time, then this board is for you. Riders who purchased this model gave it a stellar score of five out of five stars.

Final Words on Epikgo Hoverboard Review (2022)

Epikgo hoverboards are actually the self-balancing scooter. As mentioned before, Epikgo hoverboards are the leading branded best hoverboards for kids. Epikgo hoverboard is indeed the best choice to choose among other brands because of the quality manufacturing and the epic functions that it provide. EPIKGO Sports Plus Balance Board Self Hover Smart Boards w/Speaker Self Balancing Scooter

You will be very happy with your selection!