Fastest Electric Scooters in 2022

Fastest Electric Scooters Guide

Electric-powered transportation is the future of getting around. With electric bicycles, motorbikes, skateboards on the market, electric scooters are in the conversation for the top spot of hybrid innovation. Fast electric scooters are growing in popularity among young adults and kids. Scooters can transport you to and from work and other routine life routes. Fast electric scooters can do so at high speeds. 

The adoption of modern technology has made the top electric scooters an easier way to get around without much of a learning curve. Before you spend the money on your own fast electric scooter, take the time to review a variety of scooters

Here are a few of our favorites to pair with some necessary protection before cruising:

Segway Ninebot Scooter

Built behind a sleek design and powerful 350-watt motor reaching speeds of 18.6 mph, the Segway Ninebot MAX is a good scooter to get you going fast, but not into light-speed. The Ninebot MAX lives up to its name with quick acceleration without jeopardizing mileage traveled. A rider can secure up to 40.4 miles of riding coupled with an uphill climb that gets the job done. 

To cushion the ride, the Segway Ninebot MAX is equipped with tubeless pneumatic tires. These don’t get in the way of its ability to become portable in a mere three seconds. An additional feature on one of the top electric scooters on the market is its 6H fast-charging battery. 

Hiboy MAX Scooter

Portability isn’t always the biggest concern when it comes to fast electric scooters. But if you’re for a scooter that can collapse in a second then the Hiboy MAX is for you. The Hiboy has the size, stability, and ability to provide a comfortable ride packed into a portable scooter able to be carried with one hand. The scooter still reaches 18.5 mph thanks to an upgraded 250-watt motor that can take on 15 percent hills with ease. 

The build quality of this scooter doesn’t fall behind either. Built with Bluetooth compatibility, the Hiboy MAX can be checked with the app before every ride displaying riding statistics and even cruise control. 

OUTSTORM the Fast Electric Scooter

One of the more expensive scooters on the market, the OUTSTORM Ultra High-Speed Electric Scooter is the definition of a fast electric scooter. The scooter is powered by two motors each 1600-watts. These motors push the miles you can ride to 67 miles on one charge. It’s also accompanied by a 60V battery which helps it reach an absurd 56 mph top speed.

In order to cover those long trips, the LS7 comes equipped with a seat for riding rather than standing. If you want to go fast, this is one of the best electric scooters to get you zooming

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