Swagtron T1 Scooter Review

The Swagtron T1 self-balancing scooter is the first model on the market to be UL 2272 certified, making it amongst the safest hoverboards around. This rating means the board underwent rigorous testing in order to deem it safe for use. This type of testing standard came about as a result of the batteries in older … Read more

Halo Rover vs EPIKGO Hoverboards Review

Halo Rover vs EPIKGO Reviews

Nobody could have ever thought that a device like an electric hoverboard can take the world by storm. The best hoverboards for beginners are kind of like skateboards with batteries and motors inside them. Hoverboards have become very popular as time has passed by. They are seen everywhere, and people using them to complete their … Read more

Swagtron T1 VS T5 Hoverboard Comparison

Swagtron T1 VS T5 Comparison

Swagtron T1 or T5? It is a tough choice to make for anyone interested in hoverboards. These sleek, fast-moving self-balancing boards are modern marvels of motion and mechanics. Hoverboards have never failed to incite the millennial and have fascinated the young and the old alike, with the latter voicing safety concerns rather loud. However, brushing … Read more