Hoverstar Hoverboard Review 2021

In this article about the Hoverstar Hoverboard review, you will get to know that it is a much stylish and futuristic designed hoverboard that comes with some fantastic features and not to forget, an amazing light system. There are lights on the wheel as well as on the front and the back to allow for a much safer ride and also more visibility during the night time.

The lights on the wheels are multi-colored while they shift as you use the Hoverboard. Hoverstar hs2.0 hoverboard is perfect for the smaller kids because of its matt finish, which is hard to scratch and destroy. There is also wireless connectivity and some amazing management system, which makes it last about 6 hours on a single charge.

Unlike the other hoverboards for kids, the Hoverstar Electric balance wheel provides much are efficient and effortless usage allows the kids to climb on it easily, and then use it for their traveling purposes. There is not much time required to learn it.

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A Quick Review of Hoverstar Hoverboard

To be honest, it provides much better quality and usage as compared to the other hoverboards in the market that are way much expensive. So, if you have a budget problem and cannot afford the costly fun to use hoverboards for kids, then the Hoverstar hs2.0 hoverboard is the best option you can opt for.

There is a futuristic design that comes with Hoverstar electric balance wheel and light system on the wheels allowing it to be much more visible in the low light conditions. There are also some lights on the front and back, allowing you to ride it in the dark places without any issues of visibility. Hence, another problem solved for kids who want to ride in the dark.

Who doesn’t want to be assured of safety when it comes to hoverboards? Well, from the Hoverstar hs 2.0 review, you can easily guess that there is UL2272 certification that comes with US security assurance also that is written on the Hoverboard. This solves your problem of safety when it comes to riding.

Well, below, we provided you with a Hoverstar 4.5 Inch Hoverboard Review that will enable you to know much about this product before you can make a fair choice.

Product Review

Here is the Hoverstar Hoverboard Review; starting from the design of this product, there is a matt finish on it, making it a bit less affected by the scratches and damage the environment causes to the paint and body. The Hoverstar h2.0 hoverboard design makes it look a bit futuristic and comes with a rubber pad on it for balance.

The overall design is very bulky but durable for the usage of kids. In this Hoverstar 4.5 inch Hoverboard Review, it is essential to mention that there are lights on the front and back, allowing it to be used in the dark without any problem while also solving the safety problem related to visibility. Alongside the lights, there are some lights on the wheel too, but they are not uniform lights; instead, they are colorful and are very attractive to look at.

Due to the lights, kids love to ride it and are also attracted to the Hoverstar Electric balance wheel. When it comes to the ride’s safety, there is nothing to worry about because the Hoverstar hs 2.0 review mentions the UL2272 certification, making it officially safe to ride for the kids and adults. Alongside this certification, there is a US surety of safe ride that is also mentioned on the Hoverboard. You don’t have to worry about the safety of ride when your kids are riding the Hoverboard.

Alongside these features, there a vital thing to mention in the Hoverstar 4.5-inch Hoverboard review, which is its battery timing. You can easily get of around four to six hours on a single charge that can easily pull out the power from these incredible motors. But when it comes to the Hoverstar Hoverboard troubleshooting, you need to look after the batteries provided because they are vulnerable to the extreme conditions and environment.

Due to the 4.5-inch construction, this Hoverboard is also very easy to travel with; you can simply put it in your arms or even in your backpack. Therefore, increasing the portability factor of this Hoverboard.

So comes the final part for the Hoverstar hs2.0 hoverboard, which is the connectivity. You get wireless connectivity on this Hoverboard, allowing you to connect the things via Bluetooth. You can even connect the music listening instruments like the headphones or earphones wirelessly with this Hoverboard. To be honest, the Kids love this feature and want to use this Hoverboard specifically for this connectivity.


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  • Manufacturer:  Hoverstar
  • Weight: 17 pounds
  • Battery Timing: About four to six hours on a single charge
  • Construction; Matt skin finish with Durable Material
  • Connectivity: Wireless provided via Bluetooth


  • Durable Matt Finish that is less effected from scratches and environment
  • Lights for visibility in the low light conditions.
  • Very Attractive design
  • Battery timing is great
  • Smaller in size for easy traveling.
  • The smaller size is not fit for everybody.

Final Words

[su_note note_color=”#66cbff” radius=”9″]Hoverstar is a genuine self-balancing electric scooter for kids as well as adults. Some safety standards are not only met by this Hoverboard but are also topped over exceptionally well, like with the UL2272 certifications, there are US security measures which are also met. There are lights for visibility in low light conditions while the design and construction are done in such a way that the kids get in love with this product the moment they see it—all in one a great value for money for an allrounder hoverboard.[/su_note] We provided you with a Hoverstar Hoverboard Review in this article that will enable you to know more about this product and then make an appropriate choice depending on your own needs.