How dangerous are Hoverboards?

In the early times of the Hoverboard release (2015), it was a complete hit and success. It is a machine that balances itself by using the operation of self-balancing. A hoverboard is a cool and fun thing to move around, but in addition to fun, it can be dangerous too, and this makes parents wonder, “ how dangerous is Hoverboards”?

After the release, people started buying and having fun with the board, shortly there were some incidents that news reporters reported. They inspected that there are quality and safety problems with the board; and also that the boards are overheating and then spontaneously catching fire, causing several burns. There were more than 300 incidents that had been reported in-front of CPSC.

The newer boards are not that risky, and they do not pose the same risk level that the new one does. If your kid got the newer Hoverboard model, then it is the time to worry, and the first thing you need to take the Hoverboard to the Consumer Product Safety Commission for the research is whether your kid’s use is dangerous or not. The boards should be a complaint under the standards of UL 2272 safety. 

If you got the latest models that developed with a very little risk factor, there is still danger to consider in that Hoverboard. 

Statistics of Injuries:

The reports of the American Academy of Pediatrics show that during the times of 2015 to 2016, 26,854 kids got the injuries, and they visited the department of emergency, and Hoverboard caused those injuries. The range of age that got more injuries got an average of 11 years old, and the list contains more boys than girls. 

The most common injuries were heads, along with forearms and wrists. Here are the most common injuries:

  • Seventeen percent were Bruises.
  • Forty percent were Fractures.
  • Thirteen percents were strains and sprains.

These injuries rates are very alarming for the parents and the companies that are manufacturing the two wheels toys. In the same year 2015 to 2016 statistics, the skateboard injuries were more than 121,400.

Hoverboards Safety:

If Hoverboards are dangerous and risky, how can you keep your children safe while using it? In the coming paragraphs, there are some tips that you can follow to make the ride secure and safe.

Make the children wear safety and protective gear. These gears include helmets, wrist, and other guards. There should be a policy to ride the bike that should be imposed by the parents, and that is “ No helmet, no ride.”

There should be lessons that your children should get, and they should be taught how to fall in a proper way when they are riding the Hoverboard.

Before riding the board, you should read the instructions directed by the manufacturer, like age and weight restrictions.

If there are incidents, the best thing is that you should be aware of the needs of children. You should have the knowledge, how to treat the wrist and ankle sprains.