Lieagle Hoverboard Review

This article is about the Lieagle Hoverboard review. In this Review, you will get to know that it is a very entertaining hoverboard that Balances itself while also being ultra-lightweight in use. It can be used by kids and adults but is considered the best choice for adult kids. You basically get a lot of premium stuff in a very budget-friendly price range. 

There are a lot of lights on Lieagle hoverboard 6.5. two of them are on the front and back for safety in the ride, so that the public knows a hoverboard is in range. Then there is a colorful LED light combination on the wheels, which are the main attractive point in Lieagle hoverboard for kids.

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There is nothing to worry about in terms of safety because it is UL2272 Certified, making it meet safety standards and provide much more than that. These hoverboard safety stands to ensure that your kids can comfortably ride this hoverboard without any danger.

Lieagle Hoverboard Review- Batter for kids?

The Lieagle hoverboard 6.5 self-balancing scooter comes with safety standards fulfilled. For the surety of these standards, there is a UL2272 certification that talks about each aspect of safety provided in the hoverboard. Hence, solving your problem of being doubtful in safety standards.

Generally, there is a common problem in a hoverboard: the visibility factor is low, and people cannot clearly see the person riding a hoverboard in low light conditions. There is also less visibility around for the rider to ride safely; that is why the Lieagle hoverboard 6.5 provides you with two lights on the back and front while a LED combination of lights on the wheels for clear visibility even in low light conditions.

Hoverboards are made in such a way that it is hard to let kids ride it alone without the supervision of elders. For that specific reason, there are some safety measures introduced in the hoverboard for safety in the ride. The Lieagle hoverboard for kids is the perfect choice when you are looking for a hoverboard that will be safe for your kids due to its controlled parameters.

Lastly, there is even some wireless connectivity provided via the Bluetooth functionality. That is also instructed in the Lieagle hoverboard manual. That will let your children enjoy the smartphone connectivity and music with their Bluetooth gadgets, solving the problem of entertainment.

Now, here comes the Lieagle hoverboard 6.5 review, read below to know much more about this product in details.

Product Review

Here it is the Lieagle Hoverboard review. Firstly, the Lieagle hoverboard 6.5 comes with fantastic light adjustments on the wheels and on the front and back to get started. They are also very bright and colorful, enabling the public to be attracted by them.

These lights are especially beneficial in the case of a dark place or even somewhere public where the people rarely notice that someone is around them riding a hoverboard. These lights are also not the normal ones you find in the scooters or electric rides. Instead, these are the ones with LED colors places inside for more visibility and attractiveness.

Inside the Lieagle hoverboard manual, there is an essential thing that there are lights on the front and on the back, which are also for safety purposes and visibility. The front will enable you to see the incoming or on-going stuff while the end is for the people to know that a hoverboard is in front of them.

There are also many useful and entertaining features like the 360-degree spin or the easy control scenario provided in the Lieagle hoverboard 6.5 self-balancing scooter. With wireless connectivity via Bluetooth, you can control your hoverboard or simply play music on your device wirelessly. 

In the Lieagle hoverboard 6.5 review, it is essential to mention that when you have a problem in the connectivity, you can always take the hoverboard to the customer care and take assistance from them.

The central aspect of Lieagle hoverboard for kids is the battery timing, which is not that good or bad, it is just enough to get you some hours, and this timing is based on the lights turned on. The speed on this hoverboard is also much controlled and will provide you with 6.5 mph to 7.5 mph, which is decent enough for kids to ride it safely. You can always check the Lieagle Hoverboard Manual for extra information. 

Last but not least, from the Lieagle hoverboard 6.5 review, you can guess that it is a perfect choice for the adult kids and is also very safe to use. Because of the UL2272 Certification and many lights all around, there is no need to be doubtful about the safety of this hoverboard.


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  • Product Size: 6.5 inches
  • Manufacturer: Lieagle
  • Certification: UL2272
  • Battery distance: two to four hours in a single charge
  • Shipping Weight: 10-15 pounds


  • There are lights on the wheel and front for visibility, even in the dark.
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity and music support
  • UL2272 Certification for safety.
  • Comes with a balanced speed of 7.5 mph and 220lbs weight limit.

  • It is not that durable.
  • The battery doesn’t hold for long.

Final Words

There is an effortless to learn and friendly design for Lieagle hoverboard 6.5 self-balancing scooter. At the same time, there are extra exciting features like the colorful lights, some wireless connectivity capabilities that will get you through the day and night ride easily and securely. After all, it is the perfect choice for Adult kids.

Despite some negative aspects like the battery life, and not that much durable design kids love to ride this hoverboard because of wireless connectivity. They can listen to their favorite music on headphones wirelessly through Bluetooth. 

We provided you with a Lieagle hoverboard review in this article to make you knowledgeable about this product and finally, you can make a decision based on your personal hoverboard needs.