Segway Ninebot ES4 Review

Segway Ninebot ES4 Review Summary
9.4/10Our Score
  • The ES4 is Segway’s most advanced electric scooter yet. With a top speed of 19 mph, you can zip around the neighborhood or city at speeds up to 10x faster than a traditional scooter.
  • The ES4 offers more power and durability with dual batteries and upgraded motors. With 28 miles of maximum travel range and max load capacity of 220 lbs, the ES4 is perfect for an afternoon in the park or long distance trips.
  • The Segway Ninebot ES4 is a lightweight, portable, easy to store electric scooter that has an impressive range of up to 18 miles per full battery charge
  • In addition to its safety features, it has a new brake system and a unique dual-braking system for which other scooters can only dream of
  • Segway Ninebot ES4 electric scooter is the most advanced, luxurious, and powerful stroller available on the market. With features such as LED displays that show battery life and easy bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone

Segway Ninebot ES4 Review

If you live in a busy place, using a scooter can make your life much easier when it comes to going to work, shopping, school, or other places. But you don’t just go for any scooter out there. You need to invest in a two wheeled transporter that is powerful and reliable. Segway is an established and famous scooter brand. Their electric scooters come at a very reasonable price that is affordable to nearly everyone.

Even if you use your car as your main means of transportation, an electric scooter can be a blast to ride in your neighborhood. One of the great electric scooter models you can invest in is Segway’s Ninebot ES4.

Ninebot ES4 Overview

Segway scooters are very efficient for transportation, whether in your neighborhood, at an event, or airport. The Ninebot ES4 is an ideal option if you are searching for a model from Segway. With safety, speed, and power, this two-wheeled vehicle has all the features you would look for in an electric scooter.

Here are some great features of the Ninebot ES4 model.

The ES4 Model

For over a decade, Segway has been manufacturing scooters. So, they have significant experience in what they do. They understand what it takes to make a powerful model that will be available at an affordable price. Each of these self-balancing personal motors is efficient, well-designed, and durable. 

Ninebot ES4 is one of these powerful models that you can consider. The model comes with a mesh pattern on its deck that allows the rider to grip comfortably. Moreover, the scooter can be folded up, thus making it possible to store it in a car or carry it on a train or bus. Weighing about 31 pounds, this model is a little heavy than its predecessor – ES model. Moreover, the electric scooter is designed to hold up to 220 pounds. This means anyone can ride on it regardless of their size. 

Also, the two-wheeled transporter comes with 8-inch front and 7.5-inch rear airless wheels. When it comes to braking, this motor is equipped with electric and mechanical brakes. A rider breaks the rear wheel mechanically. The front wheel however uses an electric brake that is situated on the handlebar. Ninebot ES4 scooters come with a silver or dark grey color, which has a sleek appearance. 

Speed and Range

The power of a scooter is a critical feature as it determines how fast it can peak and cruise. The peaking power of Ninebot ES4 is 800 watts. This kind of power is not found in the average electric scooters as many have a maximum output of less than 500 watts. Thus, this power makes ES4 one of the highly impressive electric scooters on the market

Ninebot ES4 generates more power because it comes with two batteries. This motor is designed with an external and internal battery. In case you don’t want to use the external battery, you can disconnect it. These batteries not only add power to the Segway scooter but also have a significant impact on its range. This means the scooter can go for nearly 30 miles with just one charge. 

Also, it can attain a speed of up to 19 mph. The scooter is designed with a cruise control option that helps to limit your speed to 12 mph. This feature works to save on battery power without losing much speed. Besides, it has sports and standard mode. To get up the hills, the slope grade for the ES4 model is 15-degrees. 

Safety Features

Everyone minds about their safety when riding a two-wheeled motor. Safety is in fact a top concern with all forms of transportation. But you shouldn’t worry about safety when it comes to Segway scooters because the maker has this under control. Regarding their Ninebot ES4, one of its most encouraging features is that it is certified. 

This is to say that the scooter has undergone rigorous testing. That includes ascertaining its advanced battery delivers as expected and other safety measures are functioning optimally as well. The certification process also involves checking the lithium battery system to ensure it won’t explode. 

As a safety precaution, do not overcharge your battery, always keep it in a cool and dry place, and always use the official charger. This electric scooter is fitted with shock-absorbent materials. So, you will not be jarred as hard especially when riding it on a rough road. 

Ninebot ES4 also comes with another essential safety feature – lights in the rear. So, whenever you are riding at night, these lights help to signal drivers and other riders on the road. As such, oncoming traffic will always see you on the road.

Control Panel and Bluetooth

When riding a scooter, you need to be aware of certain things such as battery life, riding mode, and speed. You can know all these by checking the scooter’s LED screen. Besides, Segway has developed a Bluetooth app for this model. Simply install it on your phone and use it to turn your headlight off or on.

You can also use the app to customize the color of your side and rear lights. The ES4 electric scooter comes with anti-theft functionality. Also, the two-wheeled vehicle has an alarm as well as a conduct vehicle diagnosis feature. 

Ready to Buy a Segway Scooter?

Do you want a trustworthy brand with a record of producing reliable electric scooters? Segway is a great option for you and their Ninebot ES4 scooter is one of the products you should consider. Commuters who want to avoid the hassle of catching up with the bus or train every day can get the most from this model. It comes with great power and range that makes it ideal for any commuter. You can ride this electric scooter as much as you want because it has great power and speed.

Like other scooters, the ES4 is designed to be used on smooth surfaces. Besides, you will realize that its price is a bit higher than other scooters out there. But its range and power are worth the money. If you are ready to invest in a scooter, there are lots of reasons why you should go for a Ninebot ES4 Segway model. This electric scooter is an ideal option that can serve your needs perfectly. 

The model is fast, strong, safe, and very affordable. It comes with everything that you would want in an electric scooter. Besides, this two-wheeled transporter comes with a warranty of at least 12 months. So, once you buy it, various parts of the ES4 will be covered. These include the charge port, wheels, deck, electric brake components, and battery charger. definitely, Ninebot ES4 is a well-built, long lasting electric scooter from a reliable company.

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