Segway Ninebot Max Review

Segway Ninebot Max Review Summary
9.4/10Our Score
  • Maximize your mobility with the Segway Ninebot MAX electric scooter. This is a revolutionary upgrade on battery-powered scooters and is ideal for those who have to commute by themselves or carry large items.
    350W motors have been added to Segway Ninebot MAX's to make them faster and travel farther than they used to.
  • They can go 18.6 miles per hour, up to 40.4 miles, and are able to hold 220 pounds of weight.
  • Protection has been built into the battery so it can last longer and give more use before it needs a recharge.
  • It is now easier than ever to take your Segport Ninebot MAX with you, from the subway stop to your destination. It only takes 3 seconds.
  • In order to emphasize safety and comfort, the Segway Ninebot MAX is equipped with self-sealing and self-healing tires. The mechanical and electrical Anti-Lock braking system ensures that you’ll be safe in even the most demanding conditions.

Do you have a daily commute through terrible traffic congestion? Do you ride your bike to work, but looking for another green alternative option? Or do you live off-campus at school and want an easy and inexpensive way to get around your school?

You don’t want the full expense of a car. And you don’t want to deal with parking once you get to where you’re going. If this describes you, then the e-scooter is the perfect solution for you. 

If you have questions about e-scooters, the Segway company, or specifically the new Segway Ninebot Max, then we’ve got all the answers for you. 

Read on to see just what the Segway Ninebot Max offers you.

Crucial Features of the Segway Ninebot Max

From the motor to the speed and range, there are some crucial features you should consider. The Max offers you all the features you’ve been wanting from your e-scooter including:

  • Longer Range
  • Faster Speeds
  • Wider Footpad size
  • Larger tires
  • Water-resistant

The Segway Ninebot Max has many superior qualities. When it comes time to choose your next e-scooter, you will love the Max. From its 10-inch pneumatic tires to water resistance and 40 miles range in distance per charge, the Max offers the features you need. 

The Max is the perfect example that e-scooters aren’t just for kids anymore. The Segway Ninebot KickScooter Max holds up to 220 pounds and has a powerful drivetrain. Even when you want to go up a hill with a 20% grade, the powerful motor on the Max will allow you to get to where you need to go. 

And when you’re heading downhill, you will appreciate the dual braking system. Both the front wheels and back wheels have their own regenerative braking system. 

Best Green Alternative Way to Get Around

From your daily commute to getting around campus, the Max is the perfect answer to your commuting problems. Since Segway brought out their Ninebot Max, commuters have been questioning whether or not to upgrade. 

We’ve brought you the crucial features to showcase the superiority of the Max. The electronic commuting solutions are the wave of the future. As a green option, the Segway offers a green way to get around.

So, if traffic or parking or just getting around have been a pain in your commute, then check out the electronic scooter.

And if you’re looking for a serious upgrade with bigger tires, more power, and longer distance ranges then you won’t be disappointed with the Segway Ninebot Max.


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