Swagtron T1 VS T5 Hoverboard Comparison

Swagtron T1 or T5? It is a tough choice to make for anyone interested in hoverboards. These sleek, fast-moving self-balancing boards are modern marvels of motion and mechanics. Hoverboards have never failed to incite the millennial and have fascinated the young and the old alike, with the latter voicing safety concerns rather loud. However, brushing aside controversies that have spilled from columns of Tech and gadgets journals to television screens and corporate boardrooms, Hoverboards armed with UL 2272 certification are here to stay.

Amateurs, enthusiasts, and experts worldwide are busy scouring for the best and the safest hoverboard in today’s market. Some of them are thrilled by the speed. At the same time, many are inclined towards durability. Others look for safety. Still, all of them agree that when it comes to the perfect combination of engineering and features in hoverboards, Swagtron is a name to reckon with in the 21st century.

Now, let us dive head-on into the topic.

Swagtron T1 VS T5

Swagtron T1 VS T5 ComparisonSwagtron T1 vs. T5 has been a hot topic amongst the hoverboard enthusiasts all over the world. Swagtron, the manufacturer of these two amazing machines, like all their products, have a wide array of features, and deciding on the best, is a daunting task. Swagtron was founded in the year 2015, in Indianapolis, USA. The ‘e rideable’ company has been the leading manufacturers and market leader in the niche. Their range of products includes e- scooters, bikes, skateboards, and of course, the hoverboards.

Constant innovation in design and development and addition of hi-tech features has made Swagtron the leading manufacturers of e-rides. From the introduction of combustion proof materials, BT technology, and double combustion safety features to simple additions like the LED battery indicators. They are reinforcing the commitment towards providing the best in hoverboards.

These self-balancing transporters have earned numerous accolades for its contribution towards reducing environmental pollution as these friendly e-rides have zero emissions. With the highest safety certification, Swagtron is no doubt, the ride of the future.

The company boasts of a foolproof and independent business model. From design, development, and production to marketing, sales, and distribution, they do not rely on any external source. Their worldwide business expansion has been rapid, and they are now a trusted global brand. Gold-rated customer service has played an essential role in boosting the increasing popularity of the brand. The service representatives are cooperative and leave no stone unturned to make the service experience worthwhile.

Swagtron with gyroscopic technology and Dynamic Equilibrium enable you to ride, steer, and stop, effortlessly. The efficient circuit boards backed by the latest software ensure that the sell balancing transporter operates correctly. In case the scooter requires recalibration, one can easily adjust the inclination and drift with a press of a few buttons.

These self-balancing solo transporters self-balance your body weight while you ride with the help of gyro sensors. The sensor uses the center of gravity of your body to adjust. Dynamic Equilibrium technology enables you to steer, turn, and control with a slight shift of your body weight to either side. Just shift your body weight to the left foot to turn right or change towards the right to steer left. When you need to speed up, just tilt a bit forward and to stop, stand straight.

Some of the aspects that have made Swagtron the preferred choice are as follows

●   UL 2272 Certification and safety: A few reported cases of hoverboards catching fire while charging or standing idle, had been the primary deterrent in the otherwise healthy market. But thanks to UL 2272 certification, accredited as the national standard for the USA by ANSI, all Swagtron are certified safe. The stringent tests and measures required obtaining certification under UL 2272 and its commitment to be the most reliable e-ride in today’s market Swagtron has been innovative. The safe electrical drive train system, the battery, and charger system combinations safeguard against overheating, overcharging, voltage spikes, and short circuits. The cells have fitted battery cover made of non- combustible material, leaving no room for doubts. The other safety features, like the robust non-flammable, safe shell design and the latest Safe stop technology for a safe halt, make Swagtron safe.
●   Speed: Swagtron is not only harmless; they are fast. While most of these self-balancing transporters can speed up to approximately eight miles per hour, one of the Swagtron is amongst the most rapid, with speeds up to twelve miles an hour. With this speed range, it’s no wonder that Swagtron is amongst the favorites.
●   Loading: Some prefer to travel light while others carry a backpack with a tent, so the e-ride must be sturdy enough to carry the load. When it comes to the pressure, most Swagtron has a carrying capacity in the range of 180 lbs. to 420 lbs. So choosing the one that can carry some weight becomes easy.
●   Features: The latest Swagtron has a plethora of features that make these swanky rides swankier. The single mobile app starter and monitor enable you to start your trip by tapping on your phone screen. Keep a tab on the speed and battery levels through your phone screen while riding. With the inclusion of BT technology in the latest Swagtron, you can choose the music of your choice, edit a playlist, or just connect and play your favorite music. The LED indicators and the built-in carry straps are a few additional features that are available in some Swagtron.
Advanced Software: Swagtron is programmed with a state of the art software. This enables easy control of the scooters. The latest and most advanced circuit boards with updated software ensure easy and self-recalibration. Thus, Swagtron is easy to service and maintain.
Innovative and Stylish designs: Swagtron is designed to dazzle. The plethora of vibrant colors offers the most extensive range to choose from. The anti-slip pads on the sleek hard plastic body ensure worry-free riding. The sturdy and stylish body can withstand quite a few hard bumps and bruises. The aluminum-alloy wheels have a wide wheelbase that allows free wheel movement and easy clearance.

Yes, that’s Swagtron, and yes, they’re swaggy!!

Swagtron T1 ReviewSwagtron T1 Review

Swagtron T1 is the first self-balancing transporter from the house to Swagtron to receive the UL 2272 certification. Dubbed as the industry-standard ride, the Swagtron T1 is designed to awe and thrill. While the battery safety case made of non-combustible material keeps the battery safe and safeguards against overcharging, voltage spikes, overheating and faulty charging, the powerful motors propel the rider at a maximum speed of eight miles per hour.

The ride boasts of easy ascend on slopes up to thirty degrees and smooth and easy maneuvering. The battery charging and control panel indicators enable easy monitoring, and the swanky movement indicators ensure a worry-free riding experience. Equipped with a set of powerful batteries that offer a smooth ride up to a range of twelve miles per charge, carrying a maximum load of 220 lbs., the T1 is designed for the young adults.

The accurate gyro sensors and the Dynamic Equilibrium technology ensures that the self-balancing and stopping are smooth and without hiccups. The wide superior traction tires make the ride smooth even on a rugged surface. The open-wheel robust design enables easy maintenance, greater clearance, and better wheel rotation. The two-speed mode enables even an amateur to learn and master the ride safely. While the learning mode limits the speed of the hoverboard, the standard method allows the rider to reach the top speed. Read more

Swagtron T1 specifications

Net Weight22 lbs.
Dimensions23 x 4 x 7 in
Chassis Height1.18 in
Pedal Height4.3 in
Power100V – 240V
Battery TypeRechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
Charger Voltage42Vdc, 2A
Turning Radius
Climbing Capacity30°
Maximum Load220 lbs. / 100 kg
Chassis MaterialDurable shell with UL approved material
Tire MaterialHard Rubber Tire / Aluminum Rimmed Wheels

  • Safety features ensure safe charging and worry-free ride.
  • Speed: The powerful 250 W twin motors enables a maximum speed
  • Build: With a robust and efficient design
  • Range: The high capacity battery enables a variety
  • The movement indicators make the ride truly hands-free.
  • The Swagtron T1 is built to thrill with speed, performance, and style.

Swagtron T5 Hoverboard Review

Swagtron T5 ReviewSwagtron T5 with UL 2272 certification is a self-balancing transporter that focuses on utility and efficiency. The Swagtron T5 is designed with the trademark Swagtron safety features. The patented Sentry shield Multilayer Battery protection technology uses non-combustible material for the battery safety case to keep the battery safe against short circuits, overcharging, voltage spikes, overheating, and faulty charging.
The T5 is easily operable and requires little effort to master the maneuvering techniques. The breakthrough Dynamic Equilibrium technology and the robust gyro sensors enable natural self-balancing and smooth stop.
The motors propel the rider at a maximum speed of seven miles per hour and quickly ascend on inclinations up to thirty degrees. The battery charging and control panel indicators enable easy monitoring.
A single charge ensures a smooth ride up to a range of eight miles, carrying a maximum load of 187 lbs. The T5 has learning and a standard model, while the former locks the speed for the learner. The latter, when switched on, enables one to reach the top speed of seven miles per hour.
The wide superior traction tires ensure a smooth ride even on a rugged surface. The open-wheel sound design enables easy maintenance, greater clearance, and better wheel rotation.
T5 can be the best first ride of any young amateur.

  • Safety
  • Speed: The 200 W twin motors
  • Build: With a robust and efficient design
  • Battery and control panel indicators

  • The Swagtron T5 is built to provide maximum utility without the thrills of speed

Swagtron T1 Vs T5: The Main Differences

T1 and T5 design focused on safety and performance. Before diving into the differences between T1 and T5, it’s imperative to note that both the rides have the coveted UL 2272 safety certification and have the patented safety feature; the Sentry shield Multilayer Battery protection, safeguarding the trip against any combustion while charging or while in operation.
Swagtron T1 was amongst the first few self-balancing transporters to obtain the coveted UL 2272 certification. Speed, power, safety, and style were the trademark features that made T1 an instant hit amongst the hoverboard enthusiasts. Swagtron T1 focused on a non-inflammable body. A state of the art battery and charging kit with a safety case for the battery unit made of non- combustible material. The charging unit undergoes stringent tests to weed out any battery or circuit flaws. The patented battery safety technology safeguards the T1 against short circuits, voltage spikes, overcharging, and overheating.
Besides, the primary focus of ensuring safe charging, the robust body was made of non- combustible material and was designed in style. The six color options provided a wide range to choose from. The T1 equipped with high powered motors ensures speeds that are above the average speed range. The weight capacity of this swanky ride is also high, with the maximum carrying capacity of 220 lbs., enough to carry a well-built adult with a backpack. The powerful battery provides a range of up to seven miles on a single charge. The T1 is designed to thrill the adventurous.
Many experts and enthusiasts consider the Swagtron T5, this hoverboard that is designed for the ones looking for a modest but efficient hoverboarding experience. With only two color variants of black and white and motors that ensure a top speed of seven miles per hour, the T5 is no doubt all about utility. The safety features and the robust body design earned the T5 its UL 2272 certification. Unlike the T1, the T5 has a much lower range of seven miles on a single charge and has a top speed of seven miles per hour. The hard plastic aluminum body is non-combustible and can withstand a few nasty scratches and can carry a maximum load of 187 lbs. Swagtron T5 is, without a doubt, designed for people who are more concerned about safety and utility rather than speed and swag.
Now, here are the significant differences between T1 and T5 in the table below:

FeaturesSwagtron T5Swagtron T1
Power (wattage)200250
Max. Speed (mph)78
Range per charge 7 miles12 miles
Max. Weight capacity187 lbs.220 lbs.
Color variants2 ( black, white)6 (Blue, Black, Pink, White, Red, Gold)
Movement indicatorsX

Comparison of Swagtron T1 and T5: Which is safe for kids?

A cursory glance at the product specifications might not be enough to decide on the ideal self-balancing ride for today’s youngsters. However, both T1 and T5 has the highest safety certification and is engineered using the same Dynamic Equilibrium technology backed by a powerful and accurate gyro sensor that uses the center of gravity of the rider to self-balance and ensures easy maneuvering, both the rides have some differences in features that clearly emphasize the ideal match for kids.

While comparing T1 and T5, it is to be noted that, while Swagtron T1 has a set of two powerful motors with the wattage of 250W, Swagtron T5 has a slightly lesser wattage of 200 W. This difference in wattage while enabling a top speed of eight miles per hour in T1 ensures that the T5 cannot exceed seven miles per hour. The low rate of T5 might deter a few to choose the machine, but it scores high on the safety scale for kids.

The weight of the scooters differs by a few pounds, and so do the maximum weight capacity. While the T1 weighs twenty-two pounds and has the carrying capacity of up to 220 lbs., the T5 weighs only 18.9 lbs. with a carrying capacity of up to 187.4 lbs. This makes the Swagtron T5 lightweight and easy to carry, making it more portable. The lower carrying capacity also means a lesser minimum load, which in the case of T5 is only twenty pounds, making it ideal for the kids.

The absence of movement indicators in T5 might lead many to believe that T1 is safer. In contrast, riding, which might not be correct, as indicators while making the riding experience truly hands free might also prompt the rider to be less attentive while riding. Which for a kid might be a significant distraction and leaves more room for misadventure?
Thus, in conclusion, despite being the lesser of the two in terms of speed, range, features, and carrying capacity, Swagtron T5 is better suited for kids.


Deciding on the ideal self-balancing transporter can be tricky. However, if one has to choose between Swagtron T1 and T5, it can be a cakewalk. If speed, performance, ease of operation and style are the parameters to determine the ideal scooter, Swagtron T1 with a maximum speed of eight miles per hour, a range of up to twelve miles on a single charge, carrying capacity of up to 220 lbs., swanky movement indicators, and six color variations, clearly wins the race.
However, if one is looking to try the hoverboarding experience for the first time or is deciding for the young one, one might choose on the T5. For the Swagtron T5 with a lesser speed, lower range, smaller carrying capacity, and without any movement indicators might be an ideal choice. For the more economical, the rate lessens the chances of misadventure.

Choose the right one that matches your requirement. Happy riding!!

If you are reading this right now, is either you have one of the Swagtron devices or looking to get one soon. We will like to know about your choice. And if you already have one, leave it in the comment section below. We will love to know some of the features you have come across while using it.