The Swagtron T6 Off-Road Hoverboard: An In-Depth Review

Swagtron is, by all measures, a titan in the hoverboard industry. Many of the best-selling models of all time have been produced by the company, including the first-ever hoverboard to be UL2272 certified.

In this Swagtron scooter review, we’ll take a closer look at the Swatgtron T6, one of the newest and most highly-anticipated models.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Swagtron T6 off-road hoverboard in this in-depth review. 

Swagtron T6: The Sturdiest Hoverboard Yet

As any T6 review will tell you, this is a model that puts a premium on durability. Designed to be a fully-certified off-road hoverboard, this is a device that can certainly withstand a few bumps and scrapes.

The board itself can support a weight of up to 420 pounds, meaning that just about anybody can take a ride.

In addition, the rugged 10-inch tires allow for seamless movement between the pavement an off-road terrains such as mud, grass, sand, and hills.

It comes with a reinforced body and tires that have been beefed up with the addition of aluminum rims, making the T6 one of the sturdiest hoverboards on the market right now. 

Power & Performance

Despite its beefy exterior, the T6 makes use of Swagtron parts in a way that means it only weighs 2.6 pounds, meaning that carrying it around is a breeze. However, its light weight does not change the fact that this Swagtron smartboard needs plenty of juice to get moving.

With two 350-watt batteries on either side of the board, the T6 is one of the most powerful models Swagtron has ever released. This means that you will have no trouble riding uphill or gliding through bumps and potholes.

However, it’s worth noting that deep puddles should be avoided with the T6, as the water can leak into the wheels and degrade the battery.

The T6 has top speeds of around 11.9 mph, making it one of the fastest boards on the market today. For a sense of perspective, the T1 and the T380 both topped out at around 8.9 miles per hour.

That means the T6 is a significant improvement in terms of raw speed. 

Extra Features

This wouldn’t be a T6 review if we didn’t look at all of the extra features. Of course, Swagtron has stuck to its guns and offered plenty of little extras to sweeten the deal. The T6 comes with those classic LED lights on the frame that will ensure you can ride safely.

The LED system has been given a boost with the T6, and now uses dual-light diode technology to emit light 6.5 feet in all directions, making this one of the safest rides in town.

It also comes with a built-in carrying handle, a feature that has not been included in most of Swagtron’s previous models.

It also comes equipped with Bluetooth speakers that allow you to play music directly from your smartphone, and app control via the Swagtron app.

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