Best Tomoloo Hoverboard Reviews

Tomoloo is the new company in a market that has been established since 2013. Tomoloo hoverboard is one of the gadgets that is getting attention. No doubt it is one of the most attentive tools popular among people these days. It is a kind of self- balancing scooter at low prices. After getting a chance to get a ride on all units, I can explain the features better.

Best Tomoloo hoverboard Reviews 2020

Tomoloo hoverboard has a lot of models and each model has its own specification. However the name of models are not unique but still, they are slightly different from each other. Here we will give you the detailed Tomoloo hoverboard reviews. However, this review will be common to all models but you can get to know about different models on the basis of wheel size and its unique appearance. Despite Tomoloo hoverboard price, it also has many advantages that you will further get to know in this review.

Features and specifications

We got a chance to go through from different Tomoloo hoverboards. All of them were slightly different in size, features, and functioning. From different Tomoloo hoverboard on sale, 6.5″ models and one 8″ model were amazing. Tomoloo hoverboards have well-known certifications i.e. UL 2272. It is actually an indication of being already tested by High-Tec laboratories in the U.S. It is a safety badge from the risk of being getting fired. The second certificate is UL 2271. This is for the Tomoloo hoverboard battery with Samsung cells and the safety badge of UL 2271.

Tomoloo hoverboard is cheap self-balancing scooter in the global market. It is a cheap mean of transport but actually a kids’ toy. Tomoloo hoverboard battery consists of the power of 300 W with a single motor and it has an approach to wheels by a board, primarily motherboard. It can bear up to or near to 264llb of the weight with the high stability of wheels.

The speed of these Tomoloo hoverboards is about 10 mph for a kid about ten to fifteen of the age by a roundabout 12km run. Tomoloo hoverboard battery is unique and durable. It is constructed with a lithium-ion battery for better power production. It is easy to charge and adjust. It will take less charging time. The turning circles keep the children safe to use at high speed and give better performance. The Tomoloo hoverboard charger is quite good to charge it in less time duration.

Tomoloo hoverboard is a useful device with Bluetooth. Tomoloo hoverboard’s Bluetooth is connected to the speakers. The quality is a good and high invoice. It is one of the features of this device. The LED lights adjusted in the impressive design to the hoverboard is a marvelous addition. Unique light designs or patterns can be set from your attached mobile phones. It is the attention seeking feature that a lot of kids enjoy with.
You can also control the speed and different modes of riding via mobile phone specifically the app in your mobile device. You can either adjust it to slow, middle or fast speed as well. This Tomoloo hoverboard is safe on all modes. It has a good performance on the road and pavements that are smooth than that of the irregular paths. For Best hoverboard for kids reviews , it is suggested that as lower as the deck of the hoverboard will be, then more easily you can maintain balance on it. Although, Tomoloo hoverboard’s deck is at the normal height to maintain balance easily.

This tool is manufactured with the aluminum frame and the wheels are tightly attached. The Tomoloo hoverboard has Bluetooth audio playback, which is the second marvelous feature after the LED lights. You can have fun by listening to music while riding. This feature will turn your self-balancing scooter in the entertainment device.

You can also enjoy while this Tomoloo hoverboard, when you are with your friends or when you are on hangout. The speaker’s quality is quite good and easy to handle and operate. There is no fear of dismantling of the wheels from the deck. The exterior body may be scraped or scratched easily, if not handled with care. You can say it as the shortcoming of this Tomoloo hoverboard.

Almost all of the features of Tomoloo hoverboard are amazing with incredible specifications and unique designs. You must have one if you want to enjoy your leisure!
After getting to know about all the impressive features of Tomoloo hoverboard, Maybe the next question in your mind will be, where to buy it?
Tomoloo hoverboard for sale are available at


You can use Tomoloo hoverboard for various purposes.
Most of the peeps are using hoverboard to help them get around. As the hoverboard helps in increasing mobility. A suitable size can be used for easing mobility around stores, in house, campus, in shopping malls, etc.
Get around work fast is one of the other use of hoverboard. Sometimes offices have long distances from one building to another. To ease this long distance walking, hoverboards can be used suitably.
The hoverboard can be used to improve the reflex and adjust capacity as the rider has to make decisions in a short time scale.
The hoverboard can assist you to lose additional calories as it will make you concentrate and control.
It is the best device for the full body exercise as the rider controls his full body during riding.
It can be used by a person who has some serious problem in walking and running (might be due to defects in muscles, fractures, etc.)


Good battery timing.
Made of an aluminum frame that is hard and not easy to dismantle.
Has been certified with safety UL 22772 certificate.
Well-constructed and assembles strongly.
Reasonable price.
Popular and suitable for kids and beginners
Easy to operate
User-friendly application
Powerful motors
LED lights and different patterns.


Little heavier and designed not for everyone.
Can get scratches if not handled properly.

[box title=”” bg_color=”#70dd44″ align=”center”]Tomoloo hoverboard is a good choice if you are a beginner or if you want to experience a good hoverboard ride in cheap and reasonable price. Go get it and have fun![/box]